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Load Shedding Counter

Model : JK-618LSC, Brand : jk tech
Price : 1190 Taka
Available 3 Pcs
Calculate the total load- shedding of Electricity at your area for whole month. Total 100 events of Load shedding will be auto save. The data logs are Load shedding duration(240 minutes + hours), event time (hour:minute), and date (day/ month)

Input power : AC 220 volt
Battery backup : 48 hours
Load shedding duration : 2 days max
Load Shedding memory : 100 event
LS Detection Delay : 30 seconds
LS Saving delay : 0 to 255 sec
LS Range : 30sec to 240mints +10 hr

Installation / Catalog
Normal screen it will show Time, Date and Loadshedding
Press menu button and it will show
Total Loadshedding (In minutes)
Last Loadshedding (Duration,date,time)
All Loadshedding history (serial,duration,date,time) maiximum 100 history

Setting Mode
Press and hold menu button for 2 second
or press left(-) or right(+) button
1.clock setting (set with real time)
2.Date setting (set actual date)
3.Save delay setting (Max 255 seconds, this delay is count before saving each loadsheding log or history, after AC fail clear)
4.Factory Reset
6.Exit (back to home screen)

Duration calculation
Loadshedding counting start after 30 seconds of AC_Fail
Normally it count the duration of Loadshedding upto 240 minutes or 4 hours. After 240 minutes it add 1 per 60 minutes.
so Duration 241=240+60 minutes.
or Duration 245=240minute +5hours
This technique is continue upto 250 count. after 250 it add 1 for per 1 day.
so Duration 251=240minute +10hours+1day

This compressed duration is used in only loadshedding history or into data log. Because each memory cell size are limited upto 255. But Total loadshedding will show in actual total minutes.