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Automatic Pump Controller (Smart-2)

Model : JK-917S2, Brand : JK-Tech
Price : 3500 Taka
Available 18 Pcs
Smart PumpController willautomatically STARTthe-water-pump assoon as the waterlevel falls belowthe predeterminedlevel and it willSWITCH OFFthe-water-pump assoon as the tank isfull. Smart Pumpcontroller ensuresno overflows or dryrunning of pumpthere by saveselectricity andwater. This devicewill showoverhead_water_level, reservoir_water_leveland Pump_status onits LCD display.

Someextra feature makesthis controllerSMART.
Test_mode andregular_mode.
**During Test_modethedevice continuouslycheck the waterlevel after 20seconds. So itdecrease installation time.
**In Regular_modethedevice continuouslycheck the waterlevel after 2minute. So itIncrease the lifetime of watersensors.
**During failure ordisconnect ofoverhead watersensor the devicestop the pump afterreach to RunLimit :min (max run time)
**The device alsoshowreal time signalfrom the tank, TotalON/OFF of PUMP, LastRunning Time, TotalRunning time.

TechnicalInformation:br 1. Applicablefor home/ office/industry and more.br 2. Single phase220v AC. 2200wattmax load.br 3. Size :17cm X12cm X 4cm 300gram.br 4. Internalvoltage : 5vDC12vDC and 220vACbr 5. Water sensorVoltage : 5v.br 6. ON/OFFswitch for manualcontrol.br 7. 16x2 LCDdisplay.br 8. Five stepwater level displayOn LCD.br 9. Internal 30ARelay N/O N/C.br 10. Control byatmega8Micro-controller.brbrfeatures andadvantages:br 11. Fullyautomatic and Easyinstallation.br 12. Dual Tankmonitoring overhead+ reservoir.br 13. Ensure nooverflows or dryrunning.br 14. Max Runtime limitfacilities.Max:99:59 Hour:minutebr 15. Total RuntimeCounting.Max:25599:59 Hour:minutebr 16. Number oftotal Start/StopCount.max:99999 br 17. Last Runtime 99:59:59Hr:MM:SS.br 18. Sensors andcable status show.br 19. one yearguarantee.