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Automatic Pump Controller (Smart-2)

Model : JK-917S2, Brand : JK-Tech

Price : 3500 Taka

Available 5 Pcs
Quantity :


Smart Pump Controller will automatically START the-water-pump as soon as the water level falls below the predetermined level and it will SWITCH OFF the-water-pump as soon as the tank is full. Smart Pump controller ensures no overflows or dry running of pump there by saves electricity and water. This device will show overhead_water_level, reservoir_water_level and Pump_status on its LCD display.

Some extra feature makes this controller SMART.
Test_mode and regular_mode.
**During Test_mode the device continuously check the water level after 20 seconds. So it decrease installation time.
**In Regular_mode the device continuously check the water level after 2 minute. So it Increase the life time of water sensors.
**During failure or disconnect of overhead water sensor the device stop the pump after reach to RunLimit : min (max run time)
**The device also show real time signal from the tank, Total ON OFF of PUMP, Last Running Time, Total Running time.


Technical Information:
1. Applicable for home/ office/ industry and more.
2. Single phase 220v AC. 2200watt max load.
3. Size :17cm X 12cm X 4cm, 300gram.
4. Internal voltage : 5vDC, 12vDC and 220vAC
5. Water sensor Voltage : 5v.
6. ON/OFF switch for manual control.
7. 16x2 LCD display.
8. Five step water level display On LCD.
9. Internal 30A Relay, N/O, N/C.
10. Control by atmega8 Micro-controller.

features and advantages:
11. Fully automatic and Easy installation.
12. Dual Tank monitoring (overhead + reservoir).
13. Ensure no overflows or dry running.
14. Max Run time limit facilities.(Max:99:59 Hour:minute)
15. Total Run time Counting.(Max:25599:59 Hour:minute)
16. Number of total Start/Stop Count.(max:99999)
17. Last Run time (99:59:59 Hr:MM:SS).
18. Sensors and cable status show.
19. one year guarantee.

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